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I’m a Policy Manager working in local government (although the opinions expressed on this blog are purely personal).  I’m in local government to make a difference, not to be a bureaucrat.  I want to see things change for the better and to be part of that change.  The widening gaps in our communities, and major differences in life outcomes, in ambition and aspirations between our most deprived communities and others are not things we should accept or tolerate .  The public sector, working with and for communities, is key to tackling these issues.

But government and public services should be for the people, not something done to them.  A key personal aspiration in  my work is to explore how public policy can be reshaped to better connect citizens and public services, so our role becomes one of supporting communities which are vibrant, self-sustaining, politically engaged and which take shared responsibility for their own destiny and outcomes.

I’m hoping this blog will be a useful way of sharing ideas, thoughts or proposals and connecting with others for support, challenge and inspiration.


Written by johnheneghan

October 21, 2009 at 9:08 am

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